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XSQ115-12 Overspeed Governor

XSQ115-12 Overspeed Governor(Elevator Components)

Main Parameters of XSQ115-12 Overspeed Governor:
Applicable rated speed: 0.25~2.5m/s
Drawing force of the overspeed governor: 1000~2000N
Sheave diameter: φ240mm
Steel wire rope's diameter: φ8mm

Characteristics of XSQ115-12 Overspeed Governor:
The overspeed governor is a main safety parts, XSQ115-12 type of overspeed governor runs smoothly and stably, it's convenient to install and this overspeed governor is suitable for elevators with machine room and double switches (safety circuit switch and trigger switch). The overspeed governor can be used with electro-motion rope clamper together.

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Elevator Speed Governor | Lift Protection Device | Elevator Control Device

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