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WYJ103-04 Series Traction Machine

WYJ103-04 Series Traction Machine(Elevator Components)

Introduction about WYJ103-04 Series Traction Machine
Power supply: 3-phase VAC input inverter
Suspension ratio: 1:1
Weight: 630-1600kg
Sheave Diameter: Φ440~Φ480mm
Brake Voltage: 198VDCopen、99VDC maintain
Traction machine is the main pulling tool that can drive the elevator cabin of the shaft and make the heavy equipment up and down.
Traction machine is composed of electric motor, braking machine, reducer, and the sheave and so on
Traction machine's characteristics: low noise, low rising temperature, high efficiency, high output torque, large shaft load, the dish motor, novel design, quick response and high reliability.

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